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Sprouting Melodies + Soar Music Therapy

What  Makes  Sprouting  Melodies  Unique

Sprouting  Melodies®  is  a  music  therapy  based  early  childhood  program  designed  and  led  by  Board  Certified  Music  Therapists  to  create  child-centered  musical  experiences  for  the  whole  family  in  each  and  every  music  class.  Sprouting  Melodies integrates  all  that  we,  as  music  therapists,  know  about  young  children,  development  and  musical  responses.  Sprouting  Melodies provides  consistent  music  experiences through  which  the  child’s  overall  development  is  supported  and  strengthened.  Parents  are  given  specific  tools  and  music  strategies  to  support  their  child’s  growth  at  home.

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Sprouting Melodies Class Descriptions

Sprouting  Melodies  1

Even  at  the  earliest  stages  of  development,  we  know  that  infants  are  stimulated  and  comforted  by  music.  Babies  0-9  months  old  participating  in  Sprouting  Melodies  1  with  their  parent  or  caregiver  will  be  joining  in  simple  song  structures  that  increase  their  awareness  of  themselves  and  others,  nurture  healthy  bonds  and  develop  trust  with  the  world  around  them.  With  all  that  we  know about  brain  development  in  infancy,  it  is  really  all  that  we  can’t  see  at  this  age  that  is  so  incredibly  vital  to  healthy  growth.  The  repetition  of  musical  experiences  designed  specifically  for  your  little  one  will  lay  the  ground  work  for  a  life  full  of  learning!

Sprouting  Melodies  2

For  babies  and  young  toddlers,  music  is  all  about  exploring!  Exploring  the  sounds,  the  touch,  the  feel,  and  yes,  even  the  taste  of  everything  around  them!  The  active  music  making  and  music  listening  in  Sprouting  Melodies  2  isdesigned  to  support  children  6-18  months  old  as  they  build  trust  and  increase  their  understanding  of  the  world  around  them.  The  engaging  songs  immerse  the  babies  in  the  musical  experiences  and  provide  many  new  ways  to  learn  about  themselves.  They  also  find  that  they  can  control  many  things  as  they  learn  to  make  music  independently  with  a  variety  of  instruments  including  drums,  maracas  and  bells.  Socially,  these  young  children  begin  to  anticipate  and  initiate  the  play  as  they  explore  being  in  music!

Sprouting Melodies 3

Between  18  months  and  3  years  of  age,  each  day  is  an  adventure  full  of  growth  and  exploration!  Songs  become  learned  and  mastered,  and  young  children  want  to  show  off  their  new  skills  and  independence.  Within  our  music  experiences,  Sprouting  Melodies  3  provides  the  routine  that  toddlers  crave  yet  provides  the  freedom  and  creativity  for  children  to  grow  in  self-expression  and  to  build  social  relationships  with  their  peers  in  music.  Through  instrument  play,  movement  and  singing  songs,  children  in  this  group  will  be  supported  as  they  move  through  their  own  personal  journey  of  social,  emotional,  physical  and  cognitive  growth.

Family  Sprouts

All young  children  can  learn  and  grow  in  music.  Family  Sprouts  gathers  kids  and  families  together  and  provides  opportunities  for  children  of  different  ages  to  learn  and  interact  together.  In  music  making,  as  in  development,  babies,  toddlers  and  preschoolers  have  unique  needs.  Each  Family  Sprouts  class  includes  active  music  making  designed  to  elicit  different  responses  from  the  children  based  on  their  cognitive,  social  and  physical  skills.  The  Sprouting  Melodies  Provider  (R)  will  be  able  to  direct  parents  on  how  the  experience  for  children  of  different  ages  will  be  unique.  This  is  also  a  great  class  for  siblings  and  twins  and  will  give  you  lots  of  new  ways  to  incorporate  music  in  your  family  time  at  home.

Music  Makers

Music  Makers  is  a  drop  off  program  ideal  for children  from  3  to  5  who  are  ready  for  more  independent  music  making  and  who  are  eager  to  practice  creating  and  controlling  their  responses  in  a  group  of  friends  and  peers.    Music  Makers  focuses  on  modeling  positive  and  respectful  peer  interaction;  constructive  communication  and  social  skills  development  in  engaging  and  success  oriented  music  play.  Music  Maker  groups  are  inclusive  so  children  become  aware  of  the  rainbow  of  diversity  that  exists  in  their  community.  Children  learn  about  themselves  while  also learning  about  others.

Special  Sprouts™

Special  Sprouts  is  a  unique  musical  place  where  all  children  can  be  free  to  create  and  join  in  music  making  that  is  specifically  tailored  to  assure  engagement,  joy  and  success  for  all.  The  focus  of  Special  Sprouts  centers  on  providing  a  supportive,  facilitated  atmosphere  for  children  who  need  music  experiences  that  take  full  advantage  of  individual  strengths  while  minimizing  the  impact  of  difficulties.

Seniors  and  Sprouts™

This  Sprouting  Melodies  class brings  together  the  generations  for  music  making  that  benefits  everyone!  For  the  young  children,  they  are  able  to  learn  from  their  elders  and  explore  and  grow  in  a  supportive  environment.  The  seniors  who  participate  are  able  to  benefit  from  the  energy,  openness,  communication  and  joy  that  come  from  making  music  with  young  people.  This  group  can  be  held  in  a  variety  of  community  settings  and  residences  for  seniors.

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